Ray White’s emerging elites forge ahead

More than 170 of Ray White’s best and brightest gun agents attended a two day Emerging Elites conference on the Gold Coast.

Originally more than 400 sales agents had booked in to attend the conference but given the restrictions in many states there was a solid turnout of mostly Queensland agents at RACV Royal Pines Resort, plus three New Zealanders who were already in the Sunshine State before the travel bubble closed.

The conference agenda aimed to give the sales agents “confidence, strategies and the skills to get to Elite level and beyond”.

Mark McLeod, Head of Growth at Ray White, reminded the Premier level agents to aspire to Elite status.

“This is the only conference I never want to see you at again,” he said with a cheeky grin.

In his powerful keynote address, high performance mindset coach Ben Crowe reminded the agents that humility, compassion and care were the keys to success.

“Ask yourself who am I? And what do I want? And how do I get there?” These are the fundamental questions that we all need to answer no matter if you are a high level athlete or a real estate agent.

Ben Crowe is Wimbledon star Ash Barty’s ‘mindset coach’ and she credits him with helping her become World Number 1. Ben works with a host of athletes including the Richmond Football Club since 2017 and pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore.

He reminded the agents to reclaim their earliest happiest memory “before judgements and opinions were formed”. “Reclaim the feeling in that memory – calm, free, happy, loved, excited and adventurous”.

He’s the most in demand coach globally to help corporate titans and elite athletes alike to find perspective as he says “it’s more important now than ever before”.

“Flip your perspective from one of expectation and entitlement to purpose.”

He also reminded the future elites that if they “lean in, you stay up and if  you lean back, you fall over”. “Be open minded, curious, innovative, adaptive and compassionate as we can be so hard on ourselves as the human race.”

“Look at your business card – that is not why you do it, it doesn’t define the depth of you. Find your why.”

Chairman’s Elite performer Angela Duncan of Ray White Aspley (above) also spoke to the attendees about her rise to the top ranks since starting in real estate as a 15 year old.

“There is nothing like real estate – it’s completely addictive, even with highs and lows. There is absolutely no limit to the opportunities available,” Ms Duncan said.

“I started so young so I’ve been learning from day one – persevere, you control the pace of your growth. Stick to the basics, consistently and make sure you are clear with yourself on your own definition of success.”

Angela Duncan reached Chairman Elite status for the first time in 2020-21. “I really want to aim for #1 in settled transactions in Queensland. Last year I was #2 so you’ve always got to keep driving forward.”

She also reminded everyone that being female is a strength not a weakness. “Never apologise for being a powerful freaking woman!”

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